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Hello all! I am Scott Archer, Vice President of D&D Executive Transportation. I am very excited to jump into the blogging world and hopefully give you useful information! I have been in this industry for almost a decade now. One of the biggest requests I get from customers is that they are looking for more information. Many companies give bare-minimum information, but my goal is to make sure every client receives honest, helpful information. Each week we will be releasing a new blog. These blogs will be written by either me, Troy our General Manager or Caleb from sales and marketing. We will also be introducing a monthly Vlog on Youtube featuring any questions you all may have. I have been running the daily operations here since September of 2010, when I started with very limited knowledge of the industry. Back then we were strictly an airport transportation with no budget for marketing, miniscule web-presence and having a tough time learning more about the industry. I started reaching out and making connections with owners and doing whatever networking I could. A lot of this industry is learning along the way from your successes and failures. Because of the networking and through reaching out for advice, we have now built up an affiliate network across the country of over 50+ companies.

This month I will be traveling to the annual International LCT show, a limousine convention held in Las Vegas. This convention allows me to learn techniques to be more efficient, expand our affiliate network and ultimately serve you better! Our affiliate networks allow us to offer our great service quality anywhere around the United States with our partnering transportation companies. I will also be meeting with other industry professionals such as custom limousine builders and manufacturers, including the builder of our new stretch limo currently being made! There are a few projects that I am excited to be working on currently. One project is to help build our partners page, consisting of local business and professionals that we work with and recommend often. This includes our partners for our new Metro-Detroit Brewery Tours. What I am most excited to be working on is finding a locally based charity for children. I want to partner with them for events and fundraising purposes! This is something that strikes close to home for me, and picking the charity is very exciting. We plan on having the partner’s page finished by the end of the month! Each month there will be a total of 4 blogs, 3 of them will be written and the 4th will be the video blog. Feel free to ask any questions that you have about us or the industry, and we will be happy to answer them in the Vlog! I hope that the variety of our bloggers will be useful and informative! Thank you for taking the time to read our first post and I look forward to the next time we get to chat. Scott Archer Vice President D & D Executive Transportation

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