Days that need to be booked well in advance

The Limousine Industry is a First Come First Serve market, and there are only so many limos or party buses to go around. Saturdays, from April 1st through October 31st are without question in the highest demand. When you are planning your wedding or other special event, please keep that in mind so that you have plenty of time to book the right vehicle. Even if a company wanted to buy a new vehicle just for your wedding, it takes 8-10 weeks to have one built, delivered and licensed. Something to consider for Brides and Grooms on a Budget; Friday and Sunday are typically considered weekdays at D & D Executive Transportation, and the demand on those days tends to be quite a bit lower. You should still book early, but the demand is not nearly as high.

Throughout the year some dates get filled up much faster than others, and some days have very high demand. You need to take special consideration when planning events on those dates. These are not always easy to tell in advance because the date is not always consistent. Since it is already August, let’s start from September. See if you notice the trend.

September is the beginning of the NBA and the opening week always has excitement for fans. Shameless Plug: D & D is your home for the Pistons and a Limo Package this season.

October is the start of the NHL season and again opening week is a very busy time. Halloween is a Major bar Night, and you should strongly consider booking transportation to avoid any trouble. You and all your friends can start and end the party together, and you’ll all get around safe and sound.

November has the BUSIEST BAR NIGHT OF THE YEAR, the night before Thanksgiving. Busy bars mean busy limos.

December is an interesting month because many companies are holding their annual holiday parties. New Years Eve is one of the most difficult nights to get a Limo. Everyone is dressed to impress and wants the vehicle to do the same.

January will be hosting the Auto Show Charity Preview for the last time in 2019 (moving to June). It is the single busiest night in the Michigan Limousine Industry, and it has been for years. DO NOT WAIT.

February is Valentines Day, so I don’t think I need to say anymore.

March has St. Patrick’s Day, which is always a day when people party hard and quality transportation is a must.

April is the Home Opener for the Tigers. Sports Wise, this is like a holiday in Detroit, and Limos and Party Buses book quick.

May is Cinco de Mayo, and Margaritas lead to the need for a ride.

June-August don’t have any extremely busy days. But they are the months that have the busiest Friday, Saturday, and Sundays. If you have an event on one of those days, don’t be afraid to book up to 2 years in advance, because that does happen.

What did we notice? Days when people party, people book limos and buses. When our College and Professional Sports teams are doing well, they are huge draws for crowds and in turn limos. Concerts are another event that add to demand greatly. These are events that are held throughout the week and occur year-round. Remember to factor that in when you plan your event.

If you are planning an event on a given day, chances are someone else is too. Like I always say, as soon as you find what you want, book it. It never hurts to be prepared.

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